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Jewel-Lite Kit D
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    Product Name+   Price   Buy Now 
 Ballerina Pink SoftlyFlo   Ballerina Pink SoftlyFlo   $3.95  Buy Now 
 Blue Topaz Softlyflo   Blue Topaz Softlyflo   $3.95  Buy Now 
 Crystal Blue SoftlyFlo   Crystal Blue SoftlyFlo   $3.95  Buy Now 
 Deep Apricot Softlyflo   Deep Apricot Softlyflo   $3.95  Buy Now 
 Dusty Mauve Softlyflo   Dusty Mauve Softlyflo   $1.95  Buy Now 
 Golden Tan   Golden Tan   $1.95  Buy Now 
 Heather Softlyflo   Heather Softlyflo   $1.95  Buy Now 
 Jade Softlyflo   Jade Softlyflo   $3.95  Buy Now 
 Lilac Mist Softly Flo   Lilac Mist Softly Flo   $1.95  Buy Now 
 Maize Softlyflo   Maize Softlyflo   $3.95  Buy Now 
 Peach Fizz SoftlyFlo   Peach Fizz SoftlyFlo   $1.95  Buy Now 
 Peridot SoftlyFlo   Peridot SoftlyFlo   $3.95  Buy Now 
 Slate Softlyflo   Slate Softlyflo   $1.95  Buy Now 
 Snow SoftlyFlo   Snow SoftlyFlo   $1.95  Buy Now 
 Softlyflo Shimmering Cool   Softlyflo Shimmering Cool   $15.80  Buy Now 
 Softlyflo Shimmering Shades Kit   Softlyflo Shimmering Shades Kit   $15.80  Buy Now 
 Softlyflo Shimmeringsix Pack   Softlyflo Shimmeringsix Pack   $23.70  Buy Now 
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1 x Limeade Wm Jewel Lite
1 x Copper Jewel Lite
1 x Jewel Lite Kit A
1 x Grey Ice Cool Jewel Lite
1 x Ice Blue Jewel Lite
1 x Fawn Brown Jewel Lite
1 x Jewel Lite Kit E
1 x Chifon Jewel-Lite
1 x Apple Green Jewel Lite
1 x Deep Red Jewel Lite
1 x Jewel-Lite Kit C
1 x Crystal Clear Jewel Lite
1 x Burnt Orange Jewel Lite
1 x Evergreen Wn Jewel Lite
1 x Charcoal Black Jewel Lite
1 x Emerald Green Jewel Lite
1 x Jewel-Lite Kit D
1 x Coral Rose Wm Jewel Lite
1 x Damask Rose Jewel Lite
01.Softlyflo Shimmeringsix Pack
02.Heather Softlyflo
03.Softlyflo Shimmering Cool
04.Crystal Blue SoftlyFlo
05.Snow SoftlyFlo
06.Blue Topaz Softlyflo
07.Maize Softlyflo
08.Lilac Mist Softly Flo
09.Softlyflo Shimmering Shades Kit
10.Ballerina Pink SoftlyFlo
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