Overseas Distributorship Opportunities

Overseas Distributorship Opportunities

Tri Chem has available distributorship opportunities in many countries throughout the world.  There are many ways a person or a company can become a distributor.  One approach is to start on a very small scale with a minimal initial investment.  At the other end of the spectrum you can have exclusive rights to sell our products in your country in exchange for a minimum level of purchases from us each year.  We are willing to work with qualified candidates to establish viable distributorships throughout the world.

Who are the best candidates to become distributors?  
Well, if you have a store you could add our product to your line.  If you teach art or craft classes, you could use our product and techniques.  If you have a mail order business again our products could be added to our line.  If you sell consumer goods to stores or other accounts, our products could be added to your line.  There is no ideal candidate to become a distributor.  Many different types of backgrounds will prepare you to become a distributor.

A partial list of countries for which distributorships are available include:

  • All countries in South America
  • Russia and the former members of The USSR
  • Indonesia
  • All countries in Africa except for South Africa
  • Eastern European countries except for Hungary
  • All countries in The Middle East

This is just a partial list so if you are interested in a country not listed, please contact us.  It is possible that distributorship opportunities may exist in your country.

If you want to explore this possibility with us, just send us an email at paints@trichem.com.